A brief history…

It all began in 1939. Serge Meister was a young mechanic working in his father’s workshops in the bourgeoning sector of bar turning. While working in this field he had the idea of manufacturing the various tools that would be fitted on the different machines.

A small workshop slowly grew up, but then the Second World War broke out and for four years Serge Meister answered the call. On returning to the village, he set up business in a small workshop producing Carbide guide bushes and collets.

The development of the Tornos, Bechler and Petermann machines led to an increasing demand for the tooling manufactured in his little workshop.

1953 The first part of the old factory is built. More employees are recruited, new products are developed – a grinding attachment and revolving guide bush with journal bearings made from hard metal.

1981 A year of expansion for the company. The surface area is doubled, enabling Serge Meister SA to pursue its development.

1987 After many years’ service, Jean-Pierre Meyer and Paul Leuenberger take over joint management of the company. Serge Meister remains involved as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

1992 Serge Meister dies at the age of 73.

2006 Serge Meister SA acquires an old factory located at the start of the Chaluet Valley in Court. It gives the company the opportunity to triple its floor area. After a complete renovation of the plant, the company moves into its new premises in August.

2007 After more than twenty-five years with the company, Paul Leuenberger hands over to his son Olivier Leuenberger, Serge Meister’s grandson. Paul Leuenberger remains active in the company as a consultant.